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Multi Tool power head


The Multi-Tool is very versatile and can be coupled with 5 attachments which make garden chores easier. The attachments are simply inserted into the coupling and the variable speed trigger ensures that you have the right amount of power when you need it. The loop handle is adjustable for even greater comfort.

Power head only. Requires an attachment.

490.00 лв.


The Ego Power+ Multi-Tool drive head PH1400E features a powerful and efficient brushless motor that can drive any of the Multi-Tool attachments. This combination of drive head and an attachment turns into a well-balanced and light tool ready for any job: small or big.

Battery Duration* Weight
2.5 Ah up to 37 min with HEDGE TRIMMER 6.6kg
2.5 Ah up to 70 cuts with POLE PRUNER 5.8kg
2.5 Ah up to 18 min with LINE TRIMMER 5.5kg
2.5 Ah up to 27 min with BRUSHCUTTER 5.8kg
2.5 Ah up to 40 min with CULTIVATOR 7.8kg
2.5 Ah up to 40 min with BRUSH 8.9kg
5.0 Ah up to 82 min with HEDGE TRIMMER 7.3kg
5.0 Ah up to 140 cuts with POLE PRUNER 6.8kg
5.0 Ah up to 45 min with LINE TRIMMER 6.5kg
5.0 Ah up to 60 min with BRUSHCUTTER 6.9kg
*Run time may vary and depend on the battery used, the charge level of the battery, condition of grass, and user’s operation technique.


Additional information

Total length


Speed control

2 speed, Variable speed




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