Hedge trimmer 65 cm

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HT6500E is a cordless hedge trimmer with 65 cm blades that is a great addition to EGO Power+ family of hedge trimmers. It runs off the same 56 volt ARC lithium-ion battery system as all the other EGO Power+ products in the range.

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The EGO Power+ HT6500E is a well-balanced, battery-powered hedge trimmer with cutting and comfort features to suit most hedge maintenance jobs around the garden. Equipped laser-cut, diamond-ground, dual-action blades, the EGO Power+ HT6500E is a low vibration machine that and will make quick work of cutting the hedge and makes precise, clean cuts that will promote healthy new growth. The rotating handle enables the ideal hand position when trimming vertically or horizontally. The blade tip protector protects the blade when cutting perpendicular to fences or walls, whilst the electric brake stops the blade action immediately when the trigger is released.
Depending on the capacity of the battery used, you will have plenty of time to get the job done! The two-speed selector means you can choose the correct speed for the task in hand.

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Additional information

Blade length


Cutting capacity


No load speed

2800-3000 SPM

Blade type

Laser cut; diamond ground

Cutting action

dual action, double-sided cutting

Blade tip protection


Rotating handle

yes; 45° and 90° to the right and the lef

Noise level

80dB(A), 93dB(A)

Vibration level




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