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Leaf blower 986m³/h


The battery blower LB5800E is among the most powerful tools in the range of the battery-driven tools and stands very well in the comparison with the petrol-driven blowers.
The airflow of this instrument can reach as much as 986m3/h @ Turbo function.

Tool only

439.00 лв.


Powered by a high-efficiency brushless motor, the EGO Power+ blower LB5800E features jet turbine technology and a large diameter tube to give maximum airflow. With a variable speed function designed to keep you in control, selected models also feature a Turbo Boost mode, delivering extra power for those hard to move objects. More than most handheld petrol blowers on the market. That’s more than enough power to clear up even the biggest windfall.

Battery Duration* Weight
2.5 Ah up to 100 min at LOW 3.4kg
2.5 Ah up to 15 min at HIGH 3.4kg
2.5 Ah up to 9 min at TURBO 3.4kg
5.0 Ah up to 200 min at LOW 4.4kg
5.0 Ah up to 30 min at HIGH 4.4kg
5.0 Ah up to 18 min at TURBO 4.4kg
7.5 Ah up to 300 min at LOW 5.0kg
7.5 Ah up to 45 min at HIGH 5.0kg
7.5 Ah up to 27 min at TURBO 5.0kg
*Run time may vary and depend on the battery used, the charge level of the battery, condition of grass, and user’s operation technique.


Additional information

Constant airflow


Airflow @Turbo

440m³ at LOW, 986m³/h

Airflow velocity

80km/h at LOW

Airflow force


Vibration level


Noise level

78dB(A), 95dB(A)




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